We see data as the lifeblood of the modern organization

Rather than seeing just numbers, we see data as the secret sauce that can draw you closer than ever before to your customers

Our mission

Our mission is to prepare staff for the real-world challenges of business. Our courses put concepts first, and view tools and technology as an enabler, not the focus. We take the key concepts and best practices of analytics, visualization and design thinking based on the latest academic research, and present them in a clear, concise and actionable format. We bring the concepts to life with realistic, business-relevant examples based on our consulting experience. All our courses are hands-on and get students applying the concepts to real problems right away. We ensure that all participants walk away at the end of each course with new outputs they have created themselves, which they can apply to real business problems the next day.


Isaac Reyes Lead Data Storytelling Trainer

“I live and breathe it.”

This is how Isaac Reyes describes his decade long relationship with data. And with over 3,000 hours of data science training experience at the world’s leading institutions, the numbers certainly add up.

“Teaching is definitely a passion”, says Isaac. “I’ve always kept one foot in the education sector and one foot in the commercial sector. A trainer who is unfamiliar with the commercial application of his methods risks becoming too esoteric in his teaching. On the other hand, a practitioner who doesn’t teach misses out on the peer review process that occurs when presenting to a smart audience.”

Dominic Bohan Lead Data Storytelling Trainer

Our Lead Data Storytelling Trainer and a TEDx speaker, Dom brings a wealth of data storytelling experience to DataSeer from his career at QBE, one of Australia’s largest
insurance companies. At QBE, he was a senior leader in analytics, procurement, and business improvement.

He has been responsible for negotiating multi-million dollar contracts with suppliers, presenting data driven strategy recommendations to the company’s senior
executives, and producing reporting for the Group Board of Directors.

Martin Ng Lead Data Storytelling Trainer

"To unlock the true value of data, we need to look beyond the numbers and place the audience at the centre of it all."

Martin has gathered more than a decade of training and teaching experience at the Singapore Institute of Management Global Education (SIM GE) and Singapore Polytechnic (SP), specializing in the fields of data analytics and business IT.

He has consistently received feedback scores amongst the top 10% of his peers and is highly skilled in developing and delivering curriculum and materials that combine a mix of both theory and practical hands-on for both undergraduates and working professionals.

Diedre Downing Lead Data Storytelling Trainer

Our Lead Analytics Translator, Diedre is a former Wall St trader, college lecturer and NYC Department of Education program leader. Prior to DataSeer, she oversaw the operation, curation and data driven strategy of WeTeachNYC.org-the NYC Department of Education’s online space for curricular and professional learning materials supporting over 76,000 professional educators.

She is currently an Adjunct Lecturer at the City University of New York and holds a Master’s in Mathematics from Pace University

We train the world's leading companies

Data science and analytics is revolutionizing business across all industry verticals. Since 2015, we’ve trained over 300 companies, government departments and NGOs in fundamental data science skills. From banking to telcos and retail to real estate: we’ve trained people in your field.

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