Success Story - Anglo American

Helping the world’s leading platinum producer upskill 360 employees in data storytelling skills.

The Client

Anglo American, a mining firm founded in 1917, operates on all six continents and stands as the world’s largest platinum producer.

The Challenge

In 2020, Anglo American sought StoryIQ’s help to enhance their global workforce’s abilities in data storytelling and data informed decision making.

The Courses
The Solution

StoryIQ partnered with Anglo American to design a customized data storytelling course, uniquely tailored to their specific learning needs. Utilizing real datasets from the company’s operations, we infused the classes with hands-on activities that allowed participants to apply data storytelling skills to problems from their day-to-day work. The solution involved training 362 learners and culminated in an NPS score of 70. This customized approach ensured a more engaging learning experience for participants across 6 continents, addressing Anglo American’s objective of empowering their workforce to effectively convey and communicate data insights.

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