Data Storytelling for Business

Learn how to replace cluttered reports with compelling data stories that can influence your audience to take action.

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Course overview

Humans have been telling stories for tens of thousands of years. We are wired for story and crave information delivered in this form.

It should therefore come as no surprise that rethinking our business presentations to leverage the power of story should make them more engaging. Data Storytelling for Business provides learners with the skills needed to combine effective data visualization with compelling narrative in order to drive data informed decisions. The course equips participants with a memorable framework that breaks down the data story creation process into 5 steps that learners can apply immediately after class.

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Learn the 5 Ds of data storytelling

By the end of the course, learners will be able to produce both single slide and multi-slide data stories that focus stakeholder attention and use data to support a key takeaway. All learners receive a certificate of completion, a StoryIQ Data Storytelling Workbook, links to technical walk-through videos, and additional resources and practice files related to the course.

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