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Become a
master storyteller
with your data.

We teach relevant and impactful data storytelling skills, delivered through an engaging and memorable training experience, every time.

Learn how to tell a story with data and make it resonate with any audience.

How can our
courses help you?


A logical, compelling

Clear business

We teach professionals how to weave messy data into compelling insights and visuals that drive business impact. Our courses equip anyone who works with data with the skills and confidence needed to create insightful data stories.

What types of courses
do we teach?

In each of our courses, you’ll:

  • Use real datasets
  • Work with the software you use everyday
  • Walk away with applied skills
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Our upcoming courses

Data Storytelling for Business (Virtual)

Oct 2324, 2023
9:00AM - 12:30PM Singapore Time (2 sessions x 3.5 hours)

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548 SGD

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We train the world's leading organisations

We’re cutting edge

Designed for the rigors of the business setting, our courses use relevant real-world examples.

“This course focuses on teaching commonly overlooked (but nonetheless essential) skills that will help ensure that the numbers don’t get lost in translation.”

Fatima Han, Data Scientist, Brady Corporation

Data storytelling student - Viktor

“I finished this course with a much better understanding of the design thinking process that goes into dashboard design.”

Viktor Bennet

How our virtual
are run

We take the key concepts and best practices of analytics, visualization and design thinking based on the latest academic research, and present them in a clear, concise and actionable format.

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Designed for the rigors of the business setting, our courses use relevant real-world examples.

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