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StoryIQ is a fast-growing company with a global client base and a collaborative, caring, and inclusive team of Master Facilitators and business professionals.

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What we do

At StoryIQ, we are more than just facilitators; we are catalysts for change in the age of data. Our global team, with its vibrant tapestry of backgrounds, is united by one mission: to empower professionals and entire organizations in mastering data literacy. We are committed to fostering a culture where data-driven insights are at the forefront of decision-making, propelling businesses to newer heights.

Our live, dynamic workshops are not just sessions; they are experiences. Spearheaded by our Master Facilitators—who come from notable careers in data analysis, management consultancy, marketing, and corporate training—each course and customized program is tailored to provide actionable skills. With us, you are not just learning; you are preparing for real-world challenges, ensuring that you not only understand data but can also leverage it for transformative results.

Why work at StoryIQ

But why should you join us? Because at StoryIQ, we believe in continuous learning and growth. Whether you are an expert or a novice in the realm of data, we offer an environment that challenges, nurtures, and ultimately elevates. Together, let us chart a course to the future—one where data is not just numbers but narratives waiting to be told.

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Championing work excellence, mastering the art of life

Perks and benefits

Competitive salary

Recognizing your experience and valuing your contribution, plus healthcare allowance, and contribution to your retirement.

Investment in you

In addition to a laptop and the basics, we help fund your home office, and have ongoing opportunities for development.

Global team

We host regular regional meetups and you will have the opportunity to work with a fun and friendly global team.

Remote working

We’ve always been remote and we go to great lengths to set you up for success, and work hard to keep you connected to the team.

Flexible working hours

Work-life balance is at the heart of our company culture, and we empower you to structure your week to make that work for you.

We’ve got your back

Comprehensive onboarding, supportive leadership, recognition for achievements, and ongoing personal development.

Hiring process stages

The recruitment process at StoryIQ is comprehensive and includes up to 4 interview stages. This enables us to get to know you, whilst also giving you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills with practical tasks that are aligned to the role. It’s also a great opportunity for you to get to know us, meet key members of the team and ask any questions you might have.


20-minute video call with a Recruitment Manager to begin your journey with StoryIQ.


30-minute interview with a team member including a 15-min task related to the role.


60-minute interview with the Hiring Manager, including a practical task.


60-minute final stage interview, complete a final task and wait for "the call".

Our Values

We are radically open to be wrong, and we hold our opinions lightly. Because we decide based on logic and evidence, we recognize that good ideas can come from anyone, no matter their level of seniority. If in doubt, we defer to experience and knowledge.
Change is a constant at StoryIQ and has been instrumental in our success to date. We don’t experiment and change for it’s own sake, but when the evidence supports it, we’re not afraid to pivot and try something new.
We keep things simple. Our minimalist approach is reflected in our training, and in our content and design. We also keep things conceptually simple. We avoid unnecessarily complex frameworks and policies designed for big companies.
We deliver exactly what we promise to our clients. “We can’t change the game on them.” We deliver what we commit to internally.

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, StoryIQ does not discriminate against applicants or employees because of race, color, creed religion, gender, national origin, veterans status, disability, age, citizenship, martial or domestic/civil partnership status or condition protected by applical federal, state or local laws.

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