Tayva Heo

Tayva is a dynamic facilitator with extensive experience in data visualization and communication. She brings enthusiasm to the classroom, and a deep commitment to making complex concepts accessible and relatable to all.

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“Data without communication is nothing more than a collection of numbers, waiting to be translated into something insightful.”

As a Master Facilitator, Tayva combines her love of data visualization with a passion for educating others and setting them up for success in the workplace.

With a background in data consulting and training, Tayva brings enthusiasm and a deep commitment to making complex concepts accessible and relatable to all. During her time as a consultant, she learned the value of being able to communicate technical solutions in a way that everyone could understand. Tayva’s expertise allows her to call upon a deep knowledge of communicating and visualizing data to key stakeholders across industries and departments.

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Professional Experience

Tayva has held the following positions

  • Master Facilitator, StoryIQ
  • Analytics & Power BI Manager, KEMET Electronics Corporation
  • Consultant, Aptitive, A 2nd Watch Company
  • Operations Analyst, Lake Region Bank
  • IT Consulting Intern, Infozone Intelligence LLC


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems, Quinlan School of Business, Loyola University Chicago

Tayva’s Recent Keynotes and Conference Talks

  • The Art of Data Storytelling, Internal Company Event for Unilever, 2023

Interview with Tayva

I’d describe my facilitation style as approachable and fun. I have found our classes to be unique from most corporate trainings in that the content is actually very engaging and immediately applicable. I have so much fun facilitating our classes and try to foster conversations with my learners rather than a one-directional monologue.
I try to keep the energy in the room upbeat throughout class. I mix in humor, and keep the content engaging by incorporating relatable examples from real-world businesses to pop culture and entertainment.
In my prior roles, I often had to bridge the gap between the business and IT, translating business needs into technical requirements. This allowed me to communicate effectively and empathetically with a variety of audiences. I use this skill in my trainings to ensure the concepts are approachable to all learners.
I love virtual training because you’re able to offer classes to a much larger pool of learners. It opens the door to reach those who typically wouldn’t have access to the types of classes we offer. It also allows us to take advantage of a host of modern virtual facilitation tools, from breakout rooms, annotations, polls & games that aren’t utilized as much in-person.
The obvious benefit of in-person training is the ability to read facial expressions and body language more easily than on video. I also find that sometimes it’s less intimidating for learners to speak up and ask questions in person, where they don’t have to unmute or wait for a good time to interrupt to ask questions.
Data Storytelling for Business is my favorite course to teach because it’s relevant to pretty much anyone working in the business setting. It boils down to communication, which I believe is one of the most important skills to be successful in the workplace. I also love data storytelling because it’s a balance of “left brain" and "right brain” skills – there’s something for everyone!
I’m a huge foodie. I love trying new restaurants and creating new recipes. With that comes a love for travel, which allows me to indulge in local cuisine while exploring new places. And to balance it all, I love spending time outdoors.

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