Lisa Cabalu

An engaging Master Facilitator, Lisa brings extensive experience in account management, business strategy, and operations to the StoryIQ classroom

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“Data storytelling does not end with data visualization.”

As a lead trainer, Lisa pulls from her management experience to empower learners to communicate insights from data more effectively.

From client presentations to management meetings, even operating an entire mall, Lisa understands the challenges of the corporate world and shares her knowledge and experience in her classes. Lisa started out as a sales specialist for IBM and explored the field of graphic design before building a career in leasing and operations with AyalaLand Malls. She holds certifications in Google Data Analytics and IBM Data Science Specialization.

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Professional Experience

Lisa has held the following positions

  • Master Facilitator, StoryIQ
  • Deputy General Manager, AyalaLand Malls, Inc.
  • Operations Manager, AyalaLand Malls, Inc.
  • Operations Associate, Station Square East Commercial Corporation
  • Account Consultant, Fuse Media Inc.
  • Sales Specialist, IBM


  • Bachelor of Science in Management, Major in Communications Technology Management, Ateneo de Manila University

Lisa’s Recent Keynotes and Conference Talks

  • Creating Presentations with Purpose, Webinar, 2023

Interview with Lisa

My style is a mix of instructional and conversational facilitation. Data can be an intimidating topic for some, so I do my best to keep it casual and approachable. I share some of my own experiences from my previous careers to illustrate the importance of a certain topic and make it more relatable. I love it when learners also share their opinions, perspectives, and experiences as it makes for a richer learning session for everyone in the room.
I try to make the session as conversational as possible by asking questions throughout the discussion and encouraging learners to share their thoughts and feedback. Aside from maximizing the chat box and annotation tool on virtual platforms, I also like employing quizzes to recap and review concepts.
I’ve attended a number of training sessions throughout my career, and I’ve always appreciated facilitators who were accommodating and generous with feedback, so I strive to deliver the same for all my classes.
Training online has given me the opportunity to engage with people across different countries and cultures because there's no geographical barrier. It has its own challenges for sure, but I enjoy trying out and using various online collaboration tools. Virtual classes are also more accessible and less time-consuming for those interested in learning more about data communication.
In-person training allows for more engagement and interaction between the facilitator and learners. Learners tend to be more focused on the training because their entire time is devoted to the class. It’s also easier for the facilitator to adjust to the needs of the audience because you can immediately see their reactions and the learners can approach the facilitator whenever they have questions.
I like teaching Data Storytelling, particularly the section on narrative, because that’s where it all comes together. I love seeing the different ways people process and talk about the same problem. How a person or group tackles and presents a data story also reveals a lot about their own personality and style.
I have a lot of hobbies! Running, HIIT and yoga are my go-to stress relievers, and occasionally I would spend a weekend playing on my computer. But my first love is art. I don’t have as much time for projects as I used to, but I absolutely enjoy creating things from paintings to paper cuttings—even miniatures!

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