Presenting with Impact

Dive deeper into the fundamentals of weaving together your data-driven narratives and emerge with presentation skills that can inspire and influence your audience.

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Course overview

An impactful presentation goes beyond having an impressive speaker; beneath it is thoughtful preparation driven by a clear purpose.

Designed for the business context, Presenting with Impact tackles the strategy and art behind developing and delivering presentations that move people to action. Perfect for presenters at all levels — from beginners seeking to build a strong foundation in presentation skills, to seasoned professionals looking to refine their strategic thinking and leadership voice in the boardroom — this course utilizes communication and storytelling principles to help you become a more effective presenter.

By the end of the course, learners will be equipped with methods and tools that help Clarify, Create, and Convey presentations with impact.

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Learn the 3 Cs of Impactful Presentations

This course equips participants with the essential skills to craft and deliver compelling business presentations. Anchored by StoryIQ’s ‘3 Cs’ framework, the course empowers you to crystallize your presentation’s purpose, design slides that amplify your core message, and articulate your ideas with unwavering confidence. Upon completion, all attendees will receive a certificate, along with additional learning resources.

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