Success Story - British Council

We partnered with the British Council to enhance the data storytelling abilities of their leaders, resulting in better decision making across the organisation.

The Client

The British Council is an international charity operating in over 100 countries, dedicated to promoting a wider knowledge of the UK and the English language.​

The Challenge

The British Council sought StoryIQ’s expertise to enhance their global management team’s data storytelling and presentation abilities.​

The Courses
The Solution

We partnered with the British Council’s international HR team to conduct a series of in-person sessions for our Data Storytelling for Business and Presenting with Impact courses. The solution involved training 36 learners, culminating in an NPS score of 100. These sessions were strategically integrated into global leadership events, ensuring that the management team developed the skills required to craft engaging data stories and deliver impactful presentations, ultimately enhancing their leadership capabilities.​

*The creators of the NPS, Bain and Co, suggest that a score above 0 is good and above 80 is world class.

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