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StoryIQ is a team of seasoned professionals with experience in marketing, insurance, biotech, higher education – and almost every industry in between. We’re united in our drive to support and prepare our learners for the real-world challenges of business and feel confident in their ability to inform and engage through data. We equip our learners to tell compelling stories with data.

Our courses put concepts first, and view tools and technology as an enabler, not the focus. We take the key concepts and best practices of analytics, visualization and design thinking based on the latest academic research, and present them in a clear, concise and actionable format.

We bring the concepts to life with realistic, business-relevant examples based on our professional and consulting experience. All our courses are hands-on and get our learners applying the concepts to real problems right away. We ensure that all participants walk away at the end of each course with new outputs they have created themselves and skills they can utilize the next day.