MeiQing Goh

A passionate data enthusiast, MeiQing brings 15 years' experience in statistics, market research and data storytelling to StoryIQ.

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“A beautiful chart that no one can read is just abstract art.”

An engaging course facilitator, learners describe MeiQing’s classroom style as inclusive, patient and highly impactful.

Prior to joining StoryIQ, MeiQing managed a series of regional syndicated and proprietary quantitative research studies in Asia-Pacific and Oceania. As a research supervisor, she was responsible for leading teams that converted data into insightful data stories for key clients. MeiQing is also a coding enthusiast who enjoys debugging and working with complex datasets.

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Professional Experience

MeiQing has held the following positions

  • Master Facilitator, StoryIQ
  • Project Manager, J.D. Power
  • Research Supervisor (Data Processing), J.D. Power


  • Bachelor of Statistics, National University of Singapore

MeiQing’s Recent Keynotes, Talks and Seminars

  • Data to Insights, Internal Company Event for OCBC, 2023
  • Data Storytelling for Business, Internal Company Event for HSBC, 2023
  • Data Heroes, Internal Company Event for DBS Bank, 2023
  • Data Storytelling for Business, Internal Company Event for L’Oréal, 2023
  • Data to Insights, Internal Company Event for Bank of Singapore, 2022
  • Data to Insights, Internal Company Event for Lazada, 2022

Interview with MeiQing

Authentic, honest and interactive. I am always interested to learn more about each participants’ unique challenges and experiences! That’s where I come in - to value-add and hope to make their data journey better than before they joined my sessions. Even if it’s just a little impact - that is a huge achievement for me.
I am not here to give boring lectures so please talk to me too! I am open to questions and discussions. I highly encourage my participants not to be shy and to jump in with questions or give comments. They can also leave messages, emojis (when in the virtual setting), or communicate in any way they’d like. When training virtually, the idea is to bring forth a an amazing learning experience, which is just like a physical course, if not, better! I have researched how to optimise virtual delivery – the whole webcam setup, lighting, audio, and most importantly, looking STRAIGHT into the middle of the webcam so that participants will feel my engagement like I am looking into their eyes. A sense of humour is important too. Most importantly, I enjoy every course I deliver, and I hope to infect my participants just as much.
In my earlier corporate years, I was honored to be able to facilitate some training sessions for colleagues. I realised that the best way to share and for trainees to receive my knowledge is to break down teachings into layman's terms, being open, honest and clear. Forget about the lecture style that we had back in school, let’s break down the jargon!
Besides the convenience of not having to commute, and less time required to prepare at a physical site, I like that people from all over the world can be found in a single training session. With participants from Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and Australia it becomes our mini global party! Oh, one more thing – I only have to be properly dressed for the top-half of my body!
Definitely increased engagement! I'm one of the facilitators that was born into corporate training during the COVID-19 period. In-person training demands more attention from the participants (no one can just ‘switch off’). As a facilitator, in-person learning means that I can gauge the mood of the room better.
I find all that all StoryIQ courses have their unique and fun elements. Each course has a unique purpose, and I always aim to ensure participants appreciate the learnings and are equipped to apply them to their roles.
Travelling is my ultimate hobby, so virtual training delivery has been perfect for me! I also spend a lot of time teaching mathematics to tertiary students. When not teaching, I am often solving mathematics questions myself! When I am taking a break from wrecking my brain, I am singing on social singing apps, playing poker and mahjong with my friends. When I am home, I play fetch with my Brindle Frenchie named Blackjack whom I secretly think is a genius dog.

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