Marissa Halatyn

An engaging Master Facilitator, Marissa brings deep knowledge around teaching and learning to create a dynamic. accessible experience to the StoryIQ classroom.

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“Removing obstacles in communication makes space for authentic conversations”

In Marissa’s classes, learners unlock the potential within their work and themselves in an engaging and supportive environment.

Marissa is a seasoned educator and facilitator. She has two decades of experience in public schools as a teacher and an administrator. She strives to motivate through simple, effective techniques as well as deeper reflection, helping remove obstacles that can block our paths to making change. With decades of experience as a music teacher and school administrator, Marissa utilizes clarity and simplicity to motivate and connect. She is a skilled and lively facilitator who believes in the power of community and engagement to drive learning.

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Professional Experience

Marissa has held the following positions

  • Master Facilitator, StoryIQ
  • Fitness Instructor, The Bar Method
  • Music Teacher, Achievement First
  • Dean Of Students, Achievement First
  • Music Teacher, East Hartford Public Schools
  • Teaching Assistant, The Hartt School – University of Hartford


  • Master in Music Theory, University of Hartford
  • Bachelor of Music Education (Vocal and Instrumental, K-12), University of Hartford

Marissa’s Recent Keynotes and Conference Talks

  • The Art of Data Storytelling, Internal Company Event for Unilever, 2023

Interview with Marissa

I balance the fun with the practicality of our work together. My goal is to draw folks out of their heads, away from their day-to-day work (for just a short while), and into what can be possible when we simplify and amplify our methods for communicating data.
During sessions, I keep things lively. I allow for space for discourse and work hard to amplify as many perspectives as possible (I like to think my jokes help too). When I’m not leading sessions, I try to practice what I preach! I spend time going back to the methodology of the 5Ds of Data Storytelling myself, to continue to get clear on my purpose in teaching the material and to consider each client as a unique audience.
Having spent many years teaching kids, I have a sharp eye for when and how to make adjustments in the moment. Every session is so different, and I believe when I can stay fully present with the folks who have taken time to learn, I can make the class even more useful and personalized.
Having that personal space around you can help you to drop into some of the more philosophical ideas we introduce in our courses. Being virtual also allows for more folks to participate, which is an important element in any learning process.
There’s a unique energy doing interpersonal work (like teaching and learning) in a shared space!
Data Storytelling for Business! The course utilizes a case study that everyone – regardless of experience in data storytelling, Powerpoint, or Excel – can learn from.
You can catch me performing in local community theater musicals, watching Jeopardy, or teaching Bar Method fitness classes. During my down time, I embrace the 3Cs of Relaxation: cake-baking, crossword puzzles, and cats.

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