Karen Keeler

Karen is described as a process improvement and spreadsheet maven by her peers, and a featured speaker in career and development forums.

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“Data storytelling can illuminate the multiple angles that exist in a single data set.”

As a Master Facilitator, Karen shares her first-hand experience in becoming more efficient and impactful at work using everyday office tools to understand data.

Karen is an experienced business professional with a demonstrated history of working in the outsourcing industry. She was the Managing Director of a Philippine call center company before she went back to her first love: teaching. Her exposure to various industries paved the way for making spreadsheets and presentations a fun data storytelling experience.

Professional Experience

Karen has held the following positions

  • Master Facilitator, StoryIQ
  • Consultant on Business Operations/Training, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Media, Management Consultancy, and Government agencies
  • Online Excelchat Expert (freelance), Got It AI
  • Managing Director, Cyan Services Corporation
  • Consultant/Service Assurance Head in a Pre-need Group of companies
  • Leads Management Division Head, Directories Philippines Corporation
  • Service Assurance Manager, Eastern Communications
  • Team Lead, 24/7 Customer Philippines, Inc.
  • Customer Service and Operations Manager, TeleAccess Philippines, Inc.
  • Team Manager, Dell International Services
  • Team Lead/Technical Trainer, Sykes Asia, Inc
  • Research and Training Officer, Ayala Plans, Inc.



  • Bachelor of Arts, Major in Psychology, De La Salle University


Karen’s Recent Keynotes and Conference Talks

  • Guest speaker, Sheet of Excellence to Excel Your Literacy, Laguna University -BSAIS Community Extension Outreach Program, April 2022
  • Commencement Speaker, Pursuing Excellence in Education amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, Siena College, QC Graduation, May 2022
  • Featured speaker, Sideline Hustles Using Excel & PowerPoint, Cignal TV show: Inay Ko Po!, June 2022
  • Guest speaker, Overview & Tutorial of Microsoft Applications, 15th Annual Grand Summit of the National Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants – NCR, June 2022
  • Resource speaker, Excellent Adventure: The Ultimate Guide to Excel 101, JPAMA Day of Junior Philippine Association of Management Accountants – TIP, QC, April 2023

Interview with Karen

I have always preferred a practical approach in facilitating sessions, leaning on demonstrations when it comes to teaching concepts and techniques. Testing out ideas and allowing time for practice in class paves the way for real-time feedback and immediate correction.
I am a fan of stand-up comics, so I get a lot of inspiration from them. When I test out my jokes, my reflection in the mirror totally finds me hilarious. Kidding aside, I keep modules light by sharing anecdotes that learners can relate to. Letting them know that I’ve also made similar mistakes encourages them to ask questions and share best-known practices as well.
I was a student mentor during my school days and a trainer on essential skills, company products and services, and productivity tools for over 15 years in my career. Being exposed to various industries has helped me provide context and examples that help learners grasp concepts and apply tried and tested practices to their work. I am also the type of learner who keeps asking why and how. I make it a point for participants to complete the session armed and ready for the endeavors ahead!
Virtual training opens up the possibility of teaching participants located in various cities and countries from the corner of my room. Further, I’ve experienced having shy participants answer questions anonymously. Many learners feel safe in the virtual classroom environment.
There will always be learners who will get to absorb more information when more senses are engaged, which is what the in-person training offers. As a trainer, I can easily approach (or be approached by) a learner who may need more guidance in exercises. For technical topics, investigating and addressing issues in the process become easier during in-person training.
I am fond of teaching Excel and PowerPoint, but Data Storytelling for Business is my current favorite as I get to explain the science (and art) of presenting data. We can use data to turn up the lights of a gloomy boardroom and have stakeholders appreciate the insights presented to them.
Playing Legend Of Zelda and Fire Emblem which requires more than 10 hours of non-stop playing! My crafting materials (resin, clay, beads, and stamps) are patiently wait as I binge-watch on medieval and crime-genre series.

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