Data, Story, Action!

Master the art of data storytelling with this step-by-step guide to transforming business data into compelling narratives.

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Dominic Bohan, Co-author
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Learn data storytelling through a story! Follow a hands on example and create a data story with us, step-by-step.

Dominic Bohan, Co-author

Isaac Reyes, Co-author
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This book will equip you with a 5-step framework that anyone can use to tell effective stories with business data.

Isaac Reyes, Co-author

Book overview

Storytelling has been ingrained in human culture for millennia. Our brains are hardwired to respond to stories, making them a powerful tool for communication and persuasion.

Data, Story, Action! equips readers with the skills needed to combine data and visuals to tell impactful stories with business data. This book introduces the ‘5 Ds’ framework, a practical five-step method designed to craft compelling data stories. Through this framework, readers gain the skills to create narratives that not only resonate with their audience but also enhance stakeholder engagement and support strategic decision-making.

Central to the book is an engaging case study, providing realistic context for working through the ‘5 Ds’ framework. This hands-on approach ensures that readers will be comfortable applying the framework in their own professional environment.

Identify the purpose of your data story by understanding your audience, their key priorities, and the desired outcome or call-to-action.

Create a storyboard that logically and persuasively guides your audience towards your central message.

Select the most effective data visualizations to present your data and support your narrative.

Streamline your data story by eliminating unnecessary elements or metrics that distract from your main message.

Employ principles from the psychology of human perception to focus your audience’s attention on the most critical aspects of your data story.