Data Storytelling TEDx and Keynote Talks

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Turning bad charts into compelling data stories

Join StoryIQ's Co-founder, Dominic Bohan, in his TEDx talk on the power of data storytelling. Learn how to breathe life into your data presentations and engage your audience on a deeper level.

From Numbers to Narrative

Forbes Magazine calls data storytelling an 'essential data science skill'. But how do we become better data storytelling? How do we identify the most important insights in our business data and communicate them in a compelling way? Join StoryIQ's Co-founder, Isaac Reyes, in this talk that covers four essential keys to data storytelling.

The Power and Promise of Data Storytelling

Data storytelling combines the statistical rigor of data analytics with the narrative engagement of storytelling. It plays a critical role in making data understandable, actionable, and impactful. From improved decision-making and accessibility to increased engagement, emotional impact, clarity, and focus, data storytelling transforms data into a narrative various stakeholders can understand, believe in, and support.

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