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Data Visualization Online Courses

Looking to learn data visualization? Whether you’re interested in learning Tableau or PowerBI, StoryIQ has a course for you.

Get the training you need to stay ahead with expert-led data visualization courses.

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Data Visualization

Designing Dashboards for Business

Learn how to create interactive business dashboards in Tableau or PowerBI

Data Storytelling for Business

Data storytelling is predicted to be the top business skill of the next five years.

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Everything you need to know

What is Data Visualization?

Data visualization is the representation of data through a visual format to achieve clear and effective communication of insights. By transforming data into images through data visualization, we enable our audience to identify patterns and trends rapidly.

Data visualization can be as simple as presenting a table or highlighting key numbers. However, to reveal more complex patterns, we will typically deploy charts. While we have almost limitless chart types to choose from, simpler chart types will generally perform better. The purpose of visualizing data is not to impress our audience with fancy visualizations. Our mission is to enable our audience to identify critical insights with ease.

Now that you know the answer to ‘What is Data Visualization?’, choose your course and start visualizing data today!

Why is Data Visualization important?

Data visualization is important to communicate the meaning behind data sets and allows for patterns and trends to be more easily understood.

The ability to distil and explain critical insights from the analysis has become an urgent need in businesses. It is not uncommon for an analyst to succeed in crunching numbers and finding solutions to complex problems, only to fail in explaining the value of their work to a broader audience.

Data visualization helps make complex insights more accessible to your audience. More and more companies are beginning to recognize this need. With the recent surge in available data and the rapid progress of technology, job opportunities in analytics have exploded and continued on an upward trajectory.

In the Philippines, data science and analytics (DSA) roles are growing in demand. However, according to the Philippine Institute of Development Studies (PIDS), there appears to be a “misalignment between demand and supply of DSA professionals in the country.”

A critical competency required in DSA roles is the effective visualization and presentation of data.It has become apparent that many are equipped to analyze, however, only a few know how to communicate their findings effectively. This communication gap is often the weakest link in the analytical process, despite it being the most critical in realizing value from data.

Data visualization and data storytelling both address this problem and make any analysis easier to understand. Storytelling is the most natural way that humans transmit information. Combining this storytelling approach with explanatory data visualizations creates a data story—a compelling presentation of information that delivers a clear and concise message through a visual narrative.

Discover our data visualization training to enhance your career today.

Online courses in Data Visualization

Our data visualization courses are open to anyone willing to improve their data presentation skills, regardless of data visualization or analysis proficiency. True to our mission, we have designed our courses to be accessible not only to the technically proficient but also to the broader world.

Start by learning how to use some of the essential data visualization software and programming languages such as Microsoft Excel and Tableau.

StoryIQ’s courses, Data Storytelling for Business and Advanced Visualization and Dashboard Design, provide fundamental data visualization skills that can strengthen your ability to clarify insights and deliver impact in your data presentations.

Data visualization has quickly become one of the critical skills in effective data-driven communication. As a response to this growing need, we have made it our mission to empower the world with immediately useful skills through engaging data visualization courses offered through the most accessible channels available to you.

Enroll in one of our data visualization courses today to elevate your career.

Jobs in Data Visualization

Data visualization skills are required for many jobs in the data analysis and statistics professions. Data visualization is more of a crucial competency rather than a specific role. It is a skill that has proven to be necessary for almost all modern organizations. Some positions with a hefty need for data visualization include;

Data Visualization Designer. There are a lot of design agencies that specialize in data visualization and report enhancements. They engage with clients in creating or improving report templates and preparing for high-stakes presentations or pitches.

Dashboard Designer.  Decision-makers are demanding the ability to monitor essential information quickly and easily. Designing interactive, often real-time dashboards that meet this need is an expanding career opportunity. Dashboard design practitioners will need a high data visualization proficiency level and mastery of at least one dashboarding tool such as Tableau, PowerBI, or Qlick.

Data Analysts use data visualization to explore and understand data sets. A quick visualization can help an analyst detect patterns, trends and outliers. Analysts are also expected to be able to communicate their findings to a range of stakeholders using data visualization.

Regardless of your role, data visualization skills are applicable to any situation that calls for a clear presentation and communication of data.

Data visualization specialists are in high demand by companies working with big data analytics, machine learning and other areas that involve processing extensive and complex data sets.

Explore data visualization courses and training with StoryIQ to get your journey started in this exciting field.

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