Success Story - Survey Monkey

Fostering user-centric design and compelling storytelling at the world's largest survey platform.

The Client

SurveyMonkey, the world’s largest online survey platform, empowers millions to create surveys, reaching over 100 million respondents globally each year.

The Challenge

SurveyMonkey approached StoryIQ seeking a customized learning experience that would enhance their dashboard developers’ skills in UI/UX design, wireframing and storytelling.

The Courses
The Solution

Working in close collaboration with SurveyMonkey’s BI Project Management Director, StoryIQ created a tailored course centered on dashboard design best practices. With an overall feedback score of 9.3/10, this learning collaboration honed the skills of SurveyMonkey’s analysts in creating dashboards, emphasizing user-centric design principles. Additionally, the course explored key facets of data storytelling and visualization, empowering analysts to weave compelling visual narratives into their reporting.

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