Nadia Sorensen

Nadia is a cross-disciplinary statistician and facilitator who is experienced in helping companies discover the power of data analytics and strategic communication.

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“Data analytics is a language that everyone has the ability to learn.””

As a Master Facilitator at StoryIQ, Nadia combines her love for data analytics with impactful learning experiences for professionals across the globe.

With experience in finance, research, tertiary education, and more, Nadia is an expert in utilizing the power of data to drive value for businesses across all industries. She has delivered training to senior leaders from Fortune 500 companies and is a StoryIQ Coach in Cisco’s Data Literacy Blue Belt Program. Her inclusive teaching style has been awarded a Teaching Award at The University of Sydney.

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Professional Experience

Nadia has held the following positions

  • Master Facilitator, StoryIQ
  • Facilitator, Beasley Intercultural
  • Analytics Consultant, Beasley Intercultural
  • Interior Designer, Nadia Sorensen Design
  • Research Fellow, Institute for Economics & Peace
  • Research Consultant, UNESCO
  • Analytics and Research Consultant, The Commonwealth
  • Sessional Academic Teacher, Department of Government and International Relations, University of Sydney
  • Sessional Academic Teacher, Aarhus BSS – Aarhus University
  • Sessional Academic Teacher, Danish School of Media and Journalism


  • Master of International Studies, University of Sydney
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences and International Communication in English, Aarhus University

Nadia’s Recent Keynotes and Conference Talks

  • The Art of Data Storytelling, Internal Company Event for HSBC, 2023
  • Data Storytelling for Business, Internal Company Event for L’Oréal, 2023
  • Data Storytelling for Business, Internal Company Event for Charter Communications, 2022
  • Presenting with Impact, Internal Company Event for Johnson & Johnson, 2022
  • Asking the Right Business Question, Internal Company Event for Dell, 2022
  • Data Storytelling for Business, Internal Company Event for Bupa, 2022
  • The Art of Data Storytelling, Internal Company Event for Eastspring Investments, 2022

Interview with Nadia

Inclusive and enthusiastic. It’s important to me that everyone in the session feels they can participate, regardless of their background and skill level. I like to think of myself as each learner’s professional cheerleader! I’m committed to ensuring that learners walk away with ready-to-apply skills that provide high-quality deliverables for themselves and their stakeholders – and I’m excited to be their coach on parts of that journey.
I’m a facilitator because I love the learning environment and always bring my authentic self to my classes. That includes cracking bad jokes, which usually gets a smile or two. Learning should be fun! Also, data can be heavy if you’re not a nerd like me. So I like to give learners plenty of opportunities to get their hands dirty with data through activities that give the experts in the room a chance to show off their skills. Feedback is also something I highly value and always make time for.
I have had the pleasure of working in various industries and living in different countries as a non-native English speaker. Therefore, I am very focused on ensuring inclusion in the learning environment.
The biggest benefit of virtual training is accessibility – everyone can participate from home with a device connected to the internet. Easy access to training means the parent who must look after a sick child can still partake in training. Online training platforms have also developed significantly over the last couple of years, making it possible to keep learners engaged in other ways than simply unmuting themselves.
Sensing the room is easier face-to-face and learners tend to be more comfortable voicing their opinions when everyone can look each other in the eye. There is also a team building element to being in the same room: people can chat during the short breaks and walk up to me to ask questions.
Data to Insights! Data is SO valuable, but only when we manage it well. The Data to Insights course covers all areas of a basic data analytics process—from establishing a good business question, to investigating the data, to communicating our results to key stakeholders. I love seeing learners from all industries engage with data analysis, learning essential skills, analytics tools and upskilling in good data project management practices.
On the weekends, you’ll find me at the beach in Sydney or at one of the local markets. If I had room in my apartment I would flip furniture all weekend, and I sometimes spend hours watching videos on design, woodwork, and construction. To satisfy my nerdy side, I like working on a good crossword puzzle or listening to tech, research, or psychology podcasts while walking.

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