Gerald Valentin

Gerald is an established Master Facilitator and data storyteller with an extensive background in designing engaging learning experiences.

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“Mastering data storytelling is about harnessing the power of stories to make numbers come alive.”

As a Master Facilitator, Gerald is devoted to helping people gain the skills and confidence to tell compelling stories with business data.

Gerald has over 17 years of experience in the field of education. As a learning architect and educator, he has an extensive background in corporate training and organizational development. Gerald has led and developed various tools and training solutions for a diverse pool of audiences in both small and large-scale organizations. He designs, develops, and evaluates tailored learning experiences that directly impact employee development and company performance.

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Professional Experience

Gerald has held the following positions

  • Master Facilitator, StoryIQ
  • Instructional Designer and Course Administrator, Avaloq
  • Senior IT Training Consultant, Manila Shipmanagement & Manning, Inc.
  • Associate Dean and IT Department Head, Casa Del Niño Schools System


  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Colegio de San Juan de Letran

Gerald’s Recent Keynotes and Conference Talks

  • The Art of Data Storytelling, Internal Company Event for First Gen, 2023

Interview with Gerald

As a Master Facilitator, I believe that my primary role is to facilitate learning. To achieve this, I make sure to convey the topic in the simplest way possible to ensure that the participants can process the information with ease. Additionally, I inject various activities during the training to promote self-discovery and enable participants to develop the skills and knowledge they need. By creating an interactive and engaging learning environment, I help participants retain information and apply it effectively to their work.
Keeping a class engaged can be a challenge, but I've found that starting each session with an icebreaker helps create a positive and interactive learning environment. I like to begin with a simple and informal question or a quick check-in, which helps participants feel more comfortable and connected to the group. By setting a fun and engaging tone from the beginning, participants are more likely to stay focused and involved throughout the session.
With a background in information technology and programming, I've learned that teaching complex concepts can be challenging if they're not presented in a way that's easy to understand and relatable. I believe that simplifying complex concepts and adapting to different learning styles is crucial for effective teaching. As a facilitator, I make it a priority to address the various learning styles of my learners to ensure that everyone can comprehend and retain the topic. By creating an inclusive and accommodating learning environment, I help learners achieve their goals and succeed in their learning journey.
As a facilitator, I believe that virtual training can be just as effective as face-to-face training if the trainer allows for dynamic interaction between themselves and the participants. In my experience, two of the key advantages of virtual training are scalability and efficiency. By leveraging technology, virtual training sessions can reach a larger audience and eliminate the need for travel time, making it a convenient option for both learners and trainers.
In-person training offers some unique benefits. Learners often find it easier to connect with their facilitators in-person, building rapport and trust that can enhance their learning experience. Additionally, in-person training sessions encourage focus, allowing learners to dive more deeply into the material at hand.
As a facilitator, I take great satisfaction in delivering courses that empower learners with new knowledge and skills. If I had to choose a favorite, it would be the Data to Insights course. This program is especially exciting because it teaches learners how to transform raw data into valuable insights that can drive better decision-making. With data becoming increasingly important in today's business landscape, this course is particularly relevant for professionals who want to stay ahead of the curve and make informed choices based on data-driven insights.
I enjoy engaging in DIY projects as a way to expand my knowledge and skills. Not only is it an opportunity for exploration, but it also serves as a stress reliever that boosts my mood. Cooking is another passion of mine, and I often prepare meals for my children as a part of our daily routine. There's something satisfying about sharing a meal together that brings us closer and strengthens our bond.

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