Success Story - Capital One

We partnered with Capital One to enhance the data storytelling skills of 175 staff, empowering informed decision making.

The Client

One of the ten largest banks in America, Capital One is a global leader in banking and financial services.

The Challenge

Capital One approached StoryIQ seeking a learning solution that would upskill key staff in data storytelling and data-informed decision making.

The Courses
The Solution

Through close collaboration with internal L&D leaders, StoryIQ developed and delivered a tailored virtual learning program to upskill Capital One team members in fundamental data storytelling skills. The solution involved training 175 learners and culminated in an NPS score of 95. The program was highly effective, with 175 learners successfully enhancing their abilities to communicate data to stakeholders, leading to more effective decision-making within the teams that utilized the new approach.

*The creators of the NPS, Bain and Co, suggest that a score above 0 is good and above 80 is world class.

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