Neil Lyas

Neil is a Master Facilitator at StoryIQ, with 20 years of experience in the field of finance focusing on corporate strategy, planning, and delivering transformational projects within the banking industry.

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Neil is a Data Literacy Master Facilitator who held significant roles across Group Strategy, Transformation, Finance and Control for several global, multi-national banks within Europe and APAC, including Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore, JP Morgan in London, and CBA in Sydney.

In his previous role as a Director within Group Strategy and Business Efficiency, he helped drive the strategic agenda globally across all markets, products, segments, and functions within the Retail, Commercial, and Investment Banking divisions.

Neil has leveraged the art of analysis and storytelling as a transformative tool, driving significant change for the organizations he’s collaborated with. He delivered multiple strategic projects in the banking and finance industry, including a 3-year $3 billion cost-efficiency program.

Neil specialized in strategic analysis and planning, leading large-scale transformational projects for 5 years, focusing on achieving multi-billion-dollar revenue, profit, and productivity uplifts.

As a StoryIQ Master Facilitator with extensive experience in fast-paced, high-profile roles, Neil is focused on delivering engaging training content that bridges the gap between theory and practice.

“Good data storytelling bridges the gap between analytical insight and human understanding. Behind every data point lies a potential human connection waiting to be revealed.”

Professional Experience

Neil has held the following positions

  • Master Facilitator, StoryIQ
  • Venture Portfolio Manager, SC Ventures
  • Director, Group Strategy & Business Efficiency, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Senior Consultant, NBW Partners
  • Assistant Vice President, Credit Suisse
  • Associate, JP Morgan


  • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, Oxford Brookes University
  • ACCA Member (Accountancy)

Interview with Neil

Relaxed, open, and fun, but built upon a structured flow.
Building connection is key. I love to share stories and anecdotes that I feel bridge the gap between theory and relatable human experiences. But more than that I love to encourage everyone in the class to do the same.
In many ways I have been in the exact same position as the learners we teach here at StoryIQ. I love to know the theory (why), but practical solutions (how) are essential, and I try to make these central.
Virtual training is an absolute game changer for many people. The increased accessibility means that so many more people can get involved, which is good for learners and teachers alike. That increased diversity makes for a very enriching experience all round.
The immediacy of feedback and connection, that comes from being in the same room as other people, is a great feeling for both students and facilitators. It electrifies the air and in particular helps to maximize the opportunities from group discussions and exercises.
Data Storytelling for Business. The theory and application taught in this course is like a soundtrack to my professional journey – I wish I had known all of this earlier, maybe then I wouldn’t have needed to learn some of it the hard way! I love that now I get to share this with learners and help them accelerate their growth today.
I’m a very active person and so I will normally be at the gym or out for an endless walk with music or a podcast playing in my headphones. Having said that, I am very happy to be lounging with a book or watching something on Netflix. I love to travel, eat, and explore, and I am a huge fan of scuba diving. I recently started getting into DJing and music production (I have zero musical talent so don’t expect an album any time soon!).

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