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How might you display each of the Four T’s?

If you are stuck trying to figure out how to report your most important metrics in a business dashboard, try the ‘Four T’s’ as a thought starter. Taking revenue as an example metric, you might consider reporting on revenue:

  • TODAY: What is revenue currently?
  • TARGET: How is revenue progressing relative to a target?
  • TREND: How is revenue trending over time?
  • TOMORROW: What is projected revenue for year end?

This works for most important business metrics. E.g. For staff headcount, you could also apply the Four T’s.

How might you display each of the Four T’s? Displays I have seen work well include:

  • TODAY: Single impact metric (large, bold font!)
  • TARGET: Bullet graph or simple text
  • TREND: Interactive sparkline
  • TOMORROW: Single impact metric

How do you display your most important metrics?