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Excel Analytics Ninja

Learn the fundamentals of creating data driven analyses in Excel.
In this course you'll learn how to:
  • Organize, analyze and interpret data using real business datasets
  • Create elegant visualizations using Excel
  • Manipulate data and create insights at speed using advanced functions and Excel hacks
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Excel Analytics and creating data driven analyses in Excel

About the course

In this course you will learn how to organize, analyze and interpret data using real business datasets. You will also learn how to become what we call an Excel ‘Data Ninja’ - one who can manipulate business datasets and create insights at speed using advanced functions and hacks.

Public & private classes

We hold regular sessions in a range of time zones

Real business datasets

Work on realistic datasets that have the same challenges as your own data

Shared content

Walk away with a course content pack and chart templates

Learn how to effectively present data

Transform your charts and confidently convince using your insights.



Data storytelling student - Dennis

“The problem and strength of Excel is how wide its capabilities are. This course showed me what I need to know in Excel to get analytics tasks done.”

Dennis Gardner

Course overview

In this course, StoryIQ analytics leaders will teach participants the fundamentals of data analytics and the processes that analytics professionals use to answer data driven business questions.

  • Discover the keys to effective analytics and how to effectively use data exploration and analytics to uncover insights.
  • Learn useful and less-known Excel features to improve your analysis efficiency.
  • Learn how to create elegant visualizations in Excel.
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Our expert instructors

Our Instructors have the secret sauce that you want in data analytics learning facilitators. They each bring into the training room years of experience, engaging presentation skills and a supportive, collaborative mindset.

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