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Business dashboards and aircraft dashboards have something in common

Photo credit: Dan Lohmar, https://unsplash.com/photos/0zeb4q6odlE

Business dashboards and aircraft dashboards have something in common: they should generally contain large amounts of information that is available to the user at a glance. Very high levels of information density in a dashboard is perfectly fine as long as: 

Users are onboarded properly. It should be explained to users what has been measured, where key metrics are located and what is interactive. Pilots are onboarded as to how to use a new aircraft dashboard. Similarly, onboard your business users with a training session on how to use your newly created business dashboard. 

Special attention is given to spatial layout, with the most important metrics placed where the human eye generally tracks first. For a business dashboard, that would be the top left section of the screen. 

The information to be displayed has been selected carefully, with only the most important metrics included in the main display. Less important metrics and charts can be hidden within tooltips if necessary.